Tenancy Law & Brokerage Law

When renting out residential space, many legal provisions and decisions of the courts must be observed.

In this context, both parties to a tenancy agreement must understand that tenancy agreement provisions are basically general terms and conditions and thus subject to special legal control. Otherwise, individual provisions may be invalid and may have far-reaching negative consequences for the landlord. It should further be underlined that the provisions regarding so-called “cosmetic repairs” by the tenant have changed to the detriment of the landlord.

Our task is to support tenants and landlords in all matters relating to residential tenancy law – especially in enforcing their contractual and statutory rights. In individual cases, it is often a matter of rent arrears, termination by notice, usually due to a default in payment, and then subsequent actions for eviction. Our tasks also include the enforcement of or defence against rent reductions and / or claims for damages.

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