Commercial law is the private law of businessmen and merchants. We advise these on all matters of commercial law, in particular on the drafting and negotiating of contracts, but also on legal disputes and court proceedings.

In foreign trade law, we advise our clients on legal issues related to international arbitration, international sales contracts, documentary credits, bills of lading, as well as customs law and international economic law.

We support you as a house and property owner in all questions of the modern management of your real estate. In addition, our notary’s office has many years of experience in the optimal drafting and processing of complex and large-scale real estate transactions. These include, for example: property purchase contracts, construction contracts, financing collateralisation, establishment and transfer of residential property, condominium ownership as well as the consolidation and division of properties.

Dorothea Plank

Rechtsanwältin (German attorney-at-law) in Bremen


Rechtsanwalt (German attorney-at-law, ret.) / Notary Public (ret.) - until 30.04.2023
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