Advice regarding the purchase and sale of companies operating in professional sports.

Sports law is commercial law, and we have been advising athletes, clubs, and entrepreneurs for many years, especially in the professional leagues. We draw up and review contracts for you, we represent you in court as regards to club changes and transfers, and we also take care of your other contractual obligations.

We advise club representatives on the drafting of articles of association, on legal issues relating to transfers and on negotiations with player advisors, as well as player advisors in their negotiations with clubs and companies in the professional leagues.

We are at your side in the area of association disputes as well as in proceedings before the CAS.

Are you an entrepreneur involved in the sports sector? Then we are the right people to help you with questions regarding the drawing up of sponsoring contracts and support with contracts with professional athletes as advertising media.

We have proven experience in both the purchase and sale of shareholdings in companies active in professional sport at home and abroad, namely in professional football.

The purchase or sale of professional sports clubs or companies active in professional sports essentially follows the same procedures and rules as other company purchases or sales.

Following the conclusion of a non-disclosure agreement, the legal and economic circumstances of the target object, i.e. the company to be acquired, are determined in a due diligence. The client receives a report which informs him/her of any weaknesses discovered, but which above all is meant to serve as a basis for negotiating the terms of the acquisition. The report is also a good reference work for the legal relationships at the company to be acquired and may therefore also be of use after the acquisition.

This is followed by the drafting of the purchase contract and the negotiation of its content, culminating in the ideal case in the conclusion of the contract.

Special features arise from the law governing associations, which must always be observed in sports law. In Germany, for example, the so-called “50+1 rule” must be observed, which is not known in foreign association law systems.

Further special features arise from the industry-specific peculiarities apparent in professional sport, where our more than 20 years of experience in providing legal advice in the field of professional football should be to your advantage.

Joachim Asendorf

Rechtsanwalt (German attorney-at-law) / Notary Public in Bremen Certified Specialist in Commercial & Company Law Certified Specialist in Sports Law
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