Wealth succession planning is an essential part of the comprehensive business law advice we offer to our clients.

Personal, economic, legal and tax planning and structuring of business succession is of considerable importance in view of the impending generational change. We advise on succession planning in the business sector, especially for family-owned companies, where the focus is on maintaining the company and shaping its future.

Complementary to the above, we also advise on asset succession planning in the private sphere, such as the preparation of wills, inheritance contracts, finding solutions to problems arising from compulsory portions, etc.. We strive to avoid later conflicts by providing competent advice in advance. As competent contact persons, we are also at your disposal, of course, for all questions regarding the settlement of the inheritance and, if necessary, the assertion of claims in court.

We advise on and represent the interests of our clients in the following matters, among others:

  • The drawing up and reviewing of wills and inheritance contracts for individuals, spouses, non-marital partners, and entrepreneurs
  • The analysis and preparation of inheritance law provisions in partnership agreements
  • The elaboration of provision concepts, in particular:
    • Lasting powers of attorney
    • Living wills
  • The provision of advice and support in all matters relating to inheritance cases, including communication with the probate court and other authorities
    • Land register adjustments
    • The conception of amicable settlement of an inheritance
    • The regulation of compulsory portions and compulsory portion supplement claims
    • The execution of wills

Joachim Asendorf

Rechtsanwalt (German attorney-at-law) / Notary Public in Bremen Certified Specialist in Commercial & Company Law Certified Specialist in Sports Law
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Dorothea Plank

Rechtsanwältin (German attorney-at-law) in Bremen
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