v. Einem & Partner advises on the acquisition, construction, use and exploitation of real estate.

We assist constructors and construction companies in all phases of a construction project, support them in an advisory capacity during contract negotiations and the drawing up of contracts, and represent them in disputes in court.

We look after you as a house and property owner in all questions of the modern management of your property.

We have an efficient notary’s office with many years of experience in the optimal drafting and processing of complex and large-scale real estate transactions (e.g., property purchase agreements, the establishment and transfer of residential property, the consolidation and division of properties).

We are active in the following areas:

Architectural and engineering law
Building and property development contracts
Heritable building rights
Financing contracts
General contractor agreements
Real estate leasing
Purchase and sale of real estate
Brokerage law
Tenancy and lease law
Project development
Claims settlement
Residential property law

Our clients include:

Open and closed real estate funds
Banks, institutional investors, and other investors
Real estate companies
Project developers and plant constructors
Companies in the retail, trade and industrial sectors
Public corporations
Architects, engineers and general planners
Housing associations and marketers
Property managers

Joachim Asendorf

Rechtsanwalt (German attorney-at-law) / Notary Public in Bremen Certified Specialist in Commercial & Company Law Certified Specialist in Sports Law

Dorothea Plank

Rechtsanwältin (German attorney-at-law) in Bremen


Rechtsanwalt (German attorney-at-law, ret.) / Notary Public (ret.) - until 30.04.2023
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