Insolvency Law

With the introduction of the self-administration procedure, an incentive was created for the entrepreneur to file for insolvency at an early stage with the aim of restructuring the company.

Under self-administration, no insolvency administrator is appointed. Instead, the management retains full decision-making authority. Merely an administrator nominated by the management monitors the interests of the creditors. This allows the entrepreneur to seek help at an early stage and, thus, to sustainably restructure his/her company. 

How does one apply for insolvency in self-administration?

Filing an application for self-administration is very complex and requires detailed preparation. The application already must contain a comprehensive and convincing explanation as to why self-administration is advisable and why this will serve the restructuring of the company. A restructuring plan must also be drawn up and submitted, of course. This needs to be as detailed as plausible, and it is here that you can benefit from our many years of proven experience. Contact us – and the lawyers of v. Einem & Partner will be at your side!

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