International Matters

If you own or want to acquire a property abroad, this always requires a special legal arrangement.

Is your marriage bi-national? In that case you should think about a marriage and inheritance contract.

Many particularities must be addressed when you wish to bequeath assets and real estate abroad.

Indeed, it is often necessary to establish whether domestic or foreign law applies.

Make sure to choose the law best suited to your interests and needs. By means of notarial contracts, the application of German law can be agreed if necessary. This applies to marriage and inheritance contracts, in particular. Take influence by notarising a will in good time. Our civil-law notaries will be glad to assist you.

Christoph Förster

Rechtsanwalt (attorney-at-law) / Certified Specialist in Employment Law / Notary Public


Rechtsanwalt (attorney-at-law) / Notary Public

Joachim Asendorf

Rechtsanwalt (attorney-at-law) / Notary Public
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