Our experienced specialist lawyers deal with all regulations concerning the ownership of individual flats, buildings, or commercial units.

The legal relationships of the condominium owners among each other are regulated by the Condominium Act as well as the statutes of the specific condominium owners’ association. A new version of the Condominium Act having been introduced in 2021, there are many open questions and little current case law. This makes competent advice from our specialist lawyers in condominium law even more necessary.

We help you to review the validity of previous case law in relation to the new legal situation. Further, we develop solutions considering the legislative intentions and your objectives as an owner.


Rechtsanwalt (attorney-at-law) / Notary Public

Jürgen Keller

Rechtsanwalt (attorney-at-law) / Certified Specialist in Tenancy Law & Residential Property Law / Certified Specialist in Employment Law
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