The increasing complexity in family law requires specialisation in this area. The certified specialist lawyers of v. Einem & Partner have many years of experience in this area, which benefits our clients.

Contracts that are concluded upon entering or the breakdown of a marriage play a major role in contractual practice. The statutory provisions are inevitably only tailored to the standard case and are therefore in need of correction and supplementation for many spouses. We provide competent advice on the drawing up of marriage contracts, partnership agreements, and divorce agreements.

In the event of separation or divorce, our lawyers are available for the settlement of property division, maintenance claims and questions of custody and access rights. Needless to say, we also take on representation in court.

We advise on and represent the interests of our clients in the following matters, among others:

  • The drawing up and review of prenuptial agreements, advice on matrimonial property law and maintenance law issues (also with foreign implications)
  • The drawing up of divorce agreements, in particular regarding property division and maintenance
  • Assessment of the ability to pay in the case of self-employed persons
  • The preparation of partnership agreements and civil partnership contracts
  • Legal support in court and out-of-court disputes regarding maintenance issues, parental custody issues and access rights

When drawing up contracts, we consider important tax and inheritance law issues as well as potential problems that may arise from existing debts, co-ownership or company relationships.


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